birth of a blog (at 9 months vegan)

I’ve gone vegan for good, and you can too!   If you’re not ready to take the plunge completely, you can still find great tips, recipes, and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle here.   I’ve been vegetarian since 1987, when I’d read John Robbins‘ then-new book Diet for a New America, which exposed the inhumane practices of factory ‘farming’, the greed behind all that cruelty,  and the misinformation we are fed regarding nutrition and animal products.  For a couple years at a time, here and there, I’d go vegan.  But without a community of fellow vegans  (and before the internet), I couldn’t sustain a vegan lifestyle longterm. I would miss cheesecake, milk in my coffee, creamy French tarts with glazed fruit on top, and making vegetarian quiche for my nonvegetarian-but-love-Jen’s-cooking friends. I knew I was using the same excuses as carnivores who say they ‘like the taste’ of meat even though they might feel some regret for the animals. I rationalized, too, that it’s not possible to be ‘perfectly’ vegan. But over time an inner voice persisted: “When are you going vegan?”

I now live in alignment with my compassion for animals. January 2013, I was suddenly in the right place and time to become vegan for good. An emotional weight was lifted within a few days. And, another weight lifted: about a pound per month. I run 20 miles per week, enjoy advanced level yoga, and at 50, feel more fit and energized than ever. WhoooHooo!!

I hope my blog can be a fabulous resource for delicious, nutritious recipes and ideas for your  healthy lifestyle.

It’s never been easier to go vegan — or as plant-based a diet as you feel comfortable with — than it is today!

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  1. I have already received great tips and recipes from you over the last few months so I cannot wait for this to be a regular thing. With your background in vegetarianism and then moving into veganism, together with your vibrancy, passion and enthusiasm for food, nutrition and general well being, for ALL animals, I cannot think of a better person to guide anyone into a realm of better eating for all the right reasons, whether it be carnivores wanting to vary their diet, vegetarians wanting to add more vegan days or indeed wanting to adapt completely, I am sure there will be something for everyone in your blog. Anyone interested in good nutrition and tasty healthy recipes will be happy here, I am sure.

    I have signed up quicker than if Keith Urban was offering a freebie….Well, nearly…..

    Oh, and the good thing about you, mangomouse, is that you accept that people eat meat, and you don’t judge, you simply post delicious recipes that make anyone ( of whatever persuasion) want to try them.

    Great concept, you will do it proud, I have no doubt.


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