why vegan?

lisathevegetarianIf you’re vegan-curious, or vegetarian but resisting full-time vegan ‘vigilance’ (joke!  you don’t have to do it perfectly, and like any other change it gets easier with time), here are some links that might resonate with you.  Once you’ve made the connection between your beloved cat or dog’s intelligence/ability to feel, and that of a pig, cow, lamb, etc., you may find it easy to let go of old habits.

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, (who wrote Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close),  will give you a glimpse at what goes on in factory ‘farms’, as he visited them himself, undercover detective-style.

John Robbins’ seminal book, Diet for a New America, was the book I read in 1987 that led me to go vegetarian for good.  Find the recent revision of that book and others by him at John Robbins.info.

Mainstream Reader’s Digest article, believe it or not, touts veganism as a nonfad diet that’s healthful for you and the planet!  Wow!

Happy Cow is a vegan and vegetarian site that offers restaurant guides, chat (my favorite!) and this brief introduction to vegan nutrition.  I stuck this here in case you’re considering going vegan, but have — um –influences  : / — aka people who don’t want you to go vegan for their own reasons, who have suddenly become nutrition experts.

Who would’ve guessed Bill Clinton would become a spokesperson for a healthy vegan lifestyle?!!  Read about how he’s turned his heart condition around in this interview  of Clinton by Sanjay Gupta, ‘From Omnivore to Vegan — the Dietary Education of Bill Clinton’.  Oh and by the way, weight watchers, he lost twenty-four pounds!

And, in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’s words, When you add up the damage that the meat industry does to workers, the environment, and animals, the question isn’t really “Why should I go vegan?”—it’s “Why wouldn’t I go vegan?” In case you need any other reasons, here are a few more.  at this link, More Reasons to Go Vegan.

Why Love One but Eat the Other — an advertising campaign on Toronto’s subways, put together by some caring people you can read about in the link, just…makes…sense!


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