jen’s roasted peppers

This easy broiler method for roasting peppers has me making them often! They’re a colorful, intense-flavored addition to salads, wraps, hummus, over pizza, straight from the jar…you name it.  You choose how much of the charred peel you want to stay on; it adds more smoky flavor.  Store the roasted pepper strips in jars with olive oil, a little sea salt or a splash of Coconut Aminos, and some garlic cloves to use them within a couple of weeks.  Or, store them longer in the freezer in a tightly covered container.  The peppers shown (equivalent to 6 bell peppers) made two pint-sized jars plus a little more.

Bake Time: 30-40 minutes
Prep Time: 15 min. cooling time + 10 or more minutes (depending how many peppers)


Bell peppers: 6 red, yellow, and orange
Olive oil, several drizzles
Coconut aminos, Bragg’s aminos, or sea salt to taste
Several cloves of garlic


Turn oven on to Broil.


Step One:  Place washed peppers whole in Pyrex baking dish.  While waiting for oven to get hot, peel two to three cloves of garlic for every six peppers.  Smash the cloves just a bit to release flavor and/or cut them in half.  Set them aside.

Step Two:  Place baking dish full of peppers under the broiler, about five inches from heat.  WIth tongs or a large fork, turn them about every ten minutes, till each of four sides is about halfway charred, but not blackened completely.

Step Three:  Remove peppers from oven.  Let them sit and ‘wilt’ for about fifteen minutes.  The wait time makes them easier to handle heatwise, and seems to release the stems so they will come off easily with most of the seeds.



Step Four:  With compost bowl handy, or over the sink, take hold of each pepper stem and twist.  it will come out easily and pepper will split open.  Gently scrape out any seeds that strayed from pepper stem.  Leave most of the charred peel on; some will naturally fall off.  It’s a bit messy, but not ridiculously so.

Step Five:

Cut peppers into strips and place in jars.  Drizzle with olive oil; you don’t need to cover them, it’s the general moistening effect that matters.  Place smashed garlic cloves in jar as you add peppers.  Finish with a few splashes of coconut aminos or pinches of salt.  Serve at room temperature (or warm!) for best flavor.


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